26 April 2019Scotts Park Primary School
13 February 2019Young Arts 2019

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Scotts Park Primary School
Friday 26 April 2019

Something very special happened for the year 3 classes at Scotts Park Primary School on Friday 26th April.  All three classes had a visit from Magic Lantern, an educational trust, which aims to promote art in schools. The topic was to be the Ancient Greeks, which the children had been studying. I was lucky enough to take part in one of the three sessions. 

Helen, the workshop leader proved to be an inspiration! She held the childrens’ attention right from the start and they were enthralled.  It was very interactive and , for example, having seen images of a chariot race we all became part of an Olympic contest!  Questions were welcomed and at the end, one little boy asked ‘How do you know all this stuff?’  

These are some of the children`s comments on the day:

‘We were very lucky to have Helen come and visit us.  She knew so much about the Ancient Greeks and art..  She showed us how they made Greek vases and she let us use paintbrushes to pretend we were painting them ourselves.’

‘I liked the picture of the princess Ariadne with her crown.’

‘The painting of the minotaur was really cool and we ended up feeling a little bit sorry for him, because it wasn`t his fault that he was a monster.’


All in all, a wonderful experience for both the children and their teachers.