13 February 2019Young Arts 2019

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Young Arts 2019
Wednesday 13 February 2019

Darrick Wood Students Introduced to Life Drawing at Eltham College  

The Darrick Wood Life Drawing classes have now finished and were a huge success.   All the pupils reported that their skills and confidence levels had increased considerably.   Their teacher also said that it had proved to be a therapeutic experience for many pupils and a welcome escape from their sometimes stressful everyday lives, when they could concentrate on what they loved most - their art.   A huge thank you to Katie Harris, the manager of the Gerald Moore Gallery at Eltham College for organising it all for us.


Ten Sixth Form Art students from Darrick Wood Academy are making great strides in mastering Life Drawing thanks to a project organized by the Gerald Moore Gallery at Eltham College sponsored by The Arts Society Bromley. 

Since mid-January the talented young artists have been working under the supervision of Eltham College tutor, Ruth Borthwick once a week for two hours.   Our society’s Young Arts coordinator, Rosemary Morgan, liaised with Katie Harris, Manager of the Gerald Moore Gallery, and Marie Miles, Darrick Wood art teacher, to organize a series of five sessions which have provided these students with their first opportunity to draw from a live model.  Only one of the ten had previous experience and all are thrilled to have this opportunity to hone their skills and add to their portfolios.  There has been a different model for each session giving the students a chance to really stretch their artistic muscles. 

The project is being closely monitored to measure the students’ progress and to ensure that both their proficiency and their confidence increase as a result of this opportunity. The first session took place at the end of January and the final one will be on February 26th. 

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The Gerald Moore Gallery opened in the grounds of Eltham College in April, 2012.  It is generously supported by the Arts Council England and The Canada Council on the Arts.  Katie Harris said the “vision of the gallery is to help children, young people and adults to explore what art can be supporting the importance of art in schools and beyond, through collaboration, learning and breaking down barriers.”