13 October 2016Young Arts Project for 2017
26 February 2016Young Arts Projects for 2016
02 March 2015Ravenswood Silk Screen Three Day Project
03 February 2015Music Project at Ravensbourne School

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Young Arts Project for 2017
Thursday 13 October 2016

BEDFAS Young Arts Project for 2017 was entitled Project Raven, and  again involved Ravenswood School for Boys. Bill Hudson is a local sculptor who works on many of our community and public art for parks and gardens. He lead the Project with a 3-day workshop on 13th, 14th & 15th March 2017, commencing in advance with an introductory talk relating to the proposed outdoor sculpture of a raven and, as a guide to the workshop, looking at the work of a selection of well-known sculptors.

The idea in principle of Project Raven was that the students would make individual maquettes and one would be selected from the group. The Raven would be  constructed in Jesmonite. The finished structure was likely to be set into concrete outside the Reception area of the School.

After a delay due to ill health, this postponed project was back on track. The workshops were on Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th June inclusive. The project was been slightly revised and the final sculpture was fixed to a wall in the school opposite the silkscreen wall hangings instead of outside. A CD/Memory stick of the 3 projects which have taken place at Ravenswood will be shown at the Golden Jubilee Arts Fest in 2018.

This year's students' Art and Design exhibition was open to parents and visitors on the evening of Wednesday, 5 July. This event in the Learning Commons Gallery space was open to  the Arts Society (Bromley).

Ravenswood have provided Sue North, our Young Arts representative, with a memory stick containing videos of the three projects held at the school. This will be used at the 2018 Arts Society's Fest as our contribution.