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14 May 2019The Salters Hall
22 September 2019North Wales Trip

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The Salters Hall
Tuesday 14 May 2019

The Salters Hall was first licensed in 1394. It has its origins in the salt trade of medieval London. Ranked number nine in order of precedence, it is one of the great twelve livery companies and today Salters Hall is a diverse organisation responsible for several charitable foundations in chemistry and education in chemistry such as Scholarships to chemical students, and the fostering of fellowship amongst its members.

Time: 2.00pm

Tickets £8 (with tea and coffee) non-refundable

Book at the March, April and May meetings with Anita Goodall

Tel: 01689 855124   Email:

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Image: Salters crest in a window donated to the Guildhall in Londonderry