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15 May 2018GUIDED Walks, stroll, amble through Greater London
01 February 2018'Rhythm and Reaction: The Age of Jazz in Britain'
11 January 2018Day at the British Museum: SCYTHIANS: Warriors of Ancient Siberia

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GUIDED Walks, stroll, amble through Greater London Ian Swankie Tuesday 15 May 2018

To mark the Golden Anniversary of the founding of NADFAS (now THE ARTS SOCIETY) the Greater London area has launched the idea of a series of walks through a variety of areas. These will take place in May from 6.00 to 8pm.  

Booking for any of the 16 events is open to all members of the Greater London Area societies.

For a detailed list of the outings available and to book, go to OUR SOCIETY/DOCUMENTS/SPECIAL EVENTS. To book follow


If you have difficulty booking online, please call Blaire Bresnan, Executive Assistant to Florian Schweizer, at The Arts Society. She will be happy to book your ticket  over the telephone - 020 3206 9320