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06 January 2020Art and Architecture: Estranged Bedfellows
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04 June 2018Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel (1805-47) : The Black-browed Cantor
14 May 2018Modigliani and Bohemian Paris
09 April 2018Victoria and Albert - Art and Love
05 March 2018Zaha Hadid - Architectural Superstar
05 February 2018Music and Art in the Age of Vermeer
08 January 2018Turner vs Constable : The Great British Paint Off

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Art and Architecture: Estranged Bedfellows Richard Whincop Monday 06 January 2020

The High Renaissance saw the seamless integration of art and architecture, the pinnacle of a tradition extending back thousands of years.  So how was it that by the mid-20th century, mainstream Modernist Architects saw painting and sculpture as anathema to their designs?  This lecture tells the fascinating story of how painting and architecture went their separate ways, exploring the complex reasons behind their dramatic divorce... 

Lecturer:   Richard Whincop is a professional artist who graduated in English and Art History from York University.  After lecturing at the adult education departments of Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities, he went on to become a full time figurative artist, executing large-scale public commissions and exhibiting widely throughout the U.K.


Image:  Poorwilliam