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05 February 2018Music and Art in the Age of Vermeer
08 January 2018Turner vs Constable : The Great British Paint Off
04 December 2017The Punch and Judy Show - a subversive symbol from Commedia dell'Arte to the present-day Mr Punch`
06 November 2017The History of the Theatre: The Greeks; where we Began
02 October 2017AGM followed by lecture 'French Painting in the Wallace Collection'
12 June 2017Foreigners in London 1520 to 1677: The Artists who Changed the Course of British Art
08 May 2017The Art of Piero della Francesca: The Art of the North meets the Logic of the South
03 April 2017Giles: his Life, Times and Cartoons
06 March 2017Hockney at 80: Britain's Greatest Living Artist
06 February 2017Artists and Espionage: The Lawn Road Flats
09 January 2017The Day Parliament Burned Down
05 December 2016Les Parisiennes - How the Women of Paris lived, loved and died in the 1940's
07 November 2016Jacopo, Gentile and Giovanni: the amazing Bellini family
03 October 2016AGM and lecture 'Visual Proverbs: Dutch Genre Painting in the Golden Age'
06 June 2016Elephants and Archbishops
09 May 2016The Birth of the Film Industry and the Artists it Inspired
04 April 2016Grieg and Sibelius: Were they the Baltic Musical Twins?
07 March 2016Fakes and Forgeries in Art
01 February 2016More than meets the Eye: Artists and Camouflage
04 January 2016The Gleaming Spires of London
07 December 2015El Greco and Toledo
02 November 2015Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion
05 October 2015The World of Enlightened Grand Tourists: Sir William Hamilton and his Circle
01 June 2015Three Great Families and their Gardens: Sackville Wests. Astors and Rothschilds
11 May 2015Challenging Tradition: Jean Francois Millet and the Barbizon School

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Music and Art in the Age of Vermeer Adam Busiakiewicz Monday 05 February 2018

Musical instruments are found throughout the paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. Despite this, knowledge of their symbolic meaning and how they sounded to their original participants is often lost on modern audiences. This lecture charts the vast meaning and rich significance of music in Dutch art.

Image : Detail from painting 'The Procuress' c.1656 by Vermeer,   considered to be a self portrait